Other Higher Synthesis web sites:

Higher Synthesis Health, my small private clinical practice, aims to move from fragmented healthcare to synthesis, and to engage in collaborative practice-based, treatment-guided research.

Higher Synthesis Foundation is my non-profit 501c3 to inspire, support, coordinate, and perform research about successful approaches to complex health and environmental problems.

Higher Synthesis Works houses my writing, speaking, publication and other activities, with the aim of showing that higher synthesis indeed works.

Inaugurating the Higher Synthesis Umbrella Website

I am happy to bring into the world my new set of websites. They partition my activities into clinical (Higher Synthesis Health), solutions-oriented research (Higher Synthesis Foundation) and speaking, writing and consulting (Higher Synthesis Works).

I have worked hard for nearly two decades in brain research pertinent to autism spectrum disorders and neurodevelopmental disabilities.  As I have looked at these domains i have found

  • more and more similarities with other conditions,
  • more and more overlaps in underlying mechanisms with other conditions, and
  • more and more commonalities in what we need to do.

Therefore (as I discuss at greater length on my personal website, marthaherbert.org) I am subsuming autism under a “higher synthesis” encompassing broader concerns.

Please browse my websites!

-Martha Herbert

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